Gym Goers Biggest Fat Loss Mistake; Weight Loss is Harder When Your Workouts are Wrong

By | April 16, 2023

Daily, people from across the gym to lose weight. Their fat loss goals range from small (5-10 pounds) to enormous (100+ pounds). Weight loss isn’t as hard as people think, when done right. However, the people looking to lose weight make a huge mistake that could make fat loss next to impossible.When trying to lose weight and experience fat loss, the goal is to burn calories. People run on the treadmill for hours to lose fat and hop on the elliptical forever hoping to lose weight. While that may not be optimal, I will discuss why that won’t help you lose weight later.Today I want to talk about lifting weights for weight loss and fat loss.Yup, I said it. To lose weight and have fat loss, you need to lift weights. This may sound odd to some people, because it’s engrained in our minds that cardio equals fat loss. You’re supposed to lose weight on the treadmill and gain strength and size with weights.That’s mistake number one for fat loss, but it’s up there. So, to lose weight you must lift weight. Don’t go too heavy and stick to 12-15 reps. That’s optimum for weight loss.Now here’s the huge fat loss mistake: When trying to lose weight, people rest way to much. People are trying to lose weight, but they rest four minutes in between sets, get their heart rate down, and don’t burn as many calories.When exercising for weight loss, I recommend you do circuits of compound movements, like lunges, squats, curl to presses, push ups, etc. Also, it’s tough to lose weight just using machines. If you’re trying to lose weight, you need to burn calories, like I said. It’s harder to experience weight loss when you’re resting so much.I use this example when I talk to people about weight loss. If you’re trying to lose fat and you jump on a treadmill, you don’t go for three minutes, jump off, rest, then go back for more, do you? For weight loss, it’s impossible and doesn’t make sense.Then, if you are trying to lose weight, would you lift weights like that? It’s counter productive, especially for fat loss!If I could get one point across to people looking for weight loss, it would be to rest less while lifting weights (and it’s essential to lift weights if you want fat loss). People trying to lose weight waste so much time at the gym it’s insane.To lose weight, you don’t have to be at the gym for 90 minutes. The technique of shortening your rest for fat loss will speed up your workout, keep your heart rate up and get you to lose fat easier.Weight loss is simple. People make weight loss so much harder when they rest too much, If you want weight loss, hit the treadmill, eat right, and, most importantly, rest less!